Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

Dubai’s malls and shopping destinations come to life at this annual event, where shoppers will find unbeatable deals on everything from fashion and jewellery to electronics and accessories. The world’s biggest shopping festival, this month-long celebration isn’t just about searching for bargains and shopping till you drop. There’s also a line-up of thrilling entertainment, such as firework displays, fashion shows, and live concerts, and visitors will also get the chance to win unforgettable prizes, such as SUVs and gold.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 Dates

DSF is an annual event mostly held in the first quarter of the year. It roughly lasts a month. For quite a few years, the festival has been from the first week of January to the first week of February. Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 dates are December 26, 2018 to January 28, 2019. During DSF, the malls also tend to have longer working hours which ensure that you have plenty of time to shop till you drop!

What is the Dubai Shopping Festival?

Dubai Shopping Festival aka DSF was introduced on February 16, 1996, as a retail event. Soon, it was promoted as a tourist attraction, and now it attracts up to 3 million visitors from around the globe every year. It prides in being a premier festival and the largest shopping extravaganza dedicated to festivities and shopping. The duration of DSF is mostly one month, where one finds sale and crazy discounts in the stores for almost any item. During the entire month, there would be a range of activities held in every mall, parks, and other tourists? attractions. The activities are unique to every place, so your shopping experience doesn’t get boring. Moreover, innovative programs are introduced every year to make your experience unique and remarkable.

Where can you go shopping in DSF?

Festivities during DSF are usually held all over Dubai. That’s right. Every mall and mostly every retail store in Dubai participate in the festival. To mark the commencement of the festival, various parks, hold firework and fair-styled events. These parks hold fireworks and other events every day to celebrate DSF

What to buy from Dubai Shopping Festival 2019?

Though Apparel and Fashion are the strongest pillars of DSF, they aren’t the only things to look out for. The crazy deals on electronic items make it another favourite among consumers. Apart from, the discounts and other offers on electronics, DSF is also the time when companies launch new products. This is because it is a perfect platform for the companies as people from all over the world attends the launches. So, you may also get a chance to win these products through raffle draws or other exciting offers. One can buy furniture and various home appliances from a variety of brands at a discounted price as well. If you’re a fan of authentic jewellery, then DSF is your place. The unique designs during DSF and affordable prices make jewellery shopping a necessity among the residents.

You will also be spoilt with choices to buy leather bags, leather jackets and cosmetics in DSF. Perfumes from the high-end stores come cheaper after discounts. Watches of different kinds such as diamond-studded or the one with quartz dial, all of them come at an affordable price because of heavy discounts.

Interesting things to do during DSF

So what happens if shopping isn’t really your scene? DSF is celebrated like any other festival in Dubai: with pomp and show. Which means, shopping isn’t the only experience to please your soul. There exist a plethora of activities that go on here which you could participate in, apart from shopping.

Fireworks happen almost every day in major parks like Creek Park and Zabeel Park. Once you’re here to watch the lovely fireworks, arrive a bit early since there would be a ton of activities and other things to do here. Winter months make it ideal for anyone to stay in the park for a picnic; so while you’re in the park, you can participate in loads of activities organized for kids, magic shows, food tasting carnival, face painting, etc.

Throughout the emirate, you’d get to see lots of impressive street plays and live shows by artists and musicians. There are also parades that take place in the downtown area where you’d feel a colorful and vibrant atmosphere.

In malls too, there would be various things to do other than shopping. Flash mobs and fashion shows are regular in every mall. In Dubai Mall, the ice rink gets converted to a fashion show ramp. There would be various game shows held in every other mall where you’d be able to win prizes.

All around the city

All around the city, from hotels to malls, from parks to resorts, from landmark destinations to the downtown area, various workshops and exhibitions are held. Celebrity meet and greet are also organized for the public. Besides all this, perhaps one of the main highlights are the raffle draws that take place every day at every mall. Where the lucky winners can take home cars, cash, home appliances, gift vouchers or even gold.

If this much isn’t enough, the major film festivals like Dubai International Film Festival and Children’s International Film Festival is usually held around that period, so watch these movies and catch your favorite stars attending press conferences or even as they walk the red carpet.

DSF truly teaches one to embrace and celebrate the shopping lifestyle with vehemence. It offers everyone a bouquet of a diverse range of activities, offers, and happiness. This is one of the times where the entire emirate is bustling with vibrant vibes and energy.

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