Philippines Tourist Visa and How To Get Visa Extension In Philippines

Are you visiting the most beautiful countries in the world? Well, its more fun in the Philippines and it has over 7000 islands to visit and if you decide to travel to the Philippines, you just need to buy a plane ticket and go there.

Visa Validity  

The Philippines has free 30 days visa for all the European Union citizens and most other countries, click here to know if your country is inside the list of eligible for visiting the Philippines with a free visa for visiting the Philippines.

Visa Extension

If you are planning to visit the Philippines for the first time and you think 30 days free Visa in the Philippines is not enough. You have to start thinking about how to get a visa extension in the Philippines.

I have mentioned the steps to get your visa extension in the Philippines and how much the visa extension costs in the Philippines!


Immigration Office

If you want to extend your visa in the Philippines, check the list of the immigration office in the Philippines. I’m just writing based on my experience.

You can do the visa extension in Angeles City, The office is at Marquee Mall and the office opens 10 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday. Note properly, the office is closed during weekends.

The costs for 29 days extension is 3150 PHP= around $60 USD (take note is only 29 days the extension visa). If you’ll choose to express, you’ll be able to get your visa in 2-3 hours. You just need to bring your passport, no need to bring your pictures or anything else just cash for the fees. If you want to do the regular visa and not the express one, you will save 1000 PHP=$20 USD and you’ll have to give your passport for one day. Then the next day you’ll go there for the payment and be able to finally pick up your visa extension after 3 days more. To sum it up, if you chose the regular visa, it will take you 5 days, you have to go to there office 3 times but save 1000 pesos to get a visa extension in the Philippines.

Note: If you are late with your visa extension, you will have to pay a penalty of 1000 PHP=$20 USD apart from the other fees.

This is how easy to get a visa extension here in the Philippines for 29 days. But if you want another extension longer than 59 days. You will have to buy The ACR-I-CARD (Alien Certificate and Registration) and it’s valid for 12 months. You’ll have to submit requirements, such as a photocopy of your passport, have your picture taking. The ACR-I-CARD costs around 2800 PHP. It’s only the cost of the card plus you have to add the fees of one-month extension that was mentioned above which is 3150 PHP if you do express or 1000 PHP less if you are patient and go for the regular.

Make sure you bring enough cash, just in case the office is far from the ATM. If you are running out of pages in your passport as it happens if you travel for a long time, good thing the stamp will be very small and not even half of the page of your passport.

If it happens that in one month traveling in the Philippines is still not enough with two months you will have more time to visit amazing places in the Philippines.

Let us know in the comments if we missed something and if you have new information to get the visa extension in the Philippines.

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