16 Travel Tips You Must Know Before Travelling

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Traveling with family or solo is great fun, but sometimes the airport can be hectic. Here are 16 airport tips to help make your travel experience better!

1. Get extra Wi-Fi time

Free Wi-Fi at airport – tripveteran

Some airports offer free Wi-Fi for 1 Hour, you can roll back your device time and use it for another 1 hour. You can also use airline lounge Wi-Fi, if you can find place near to exit gate.

2. Get your own snacks

Get your own snacks – tripveteran

You can avoid paying high prices for snacks at airports by bringing your own. You can bring good snacks like chips, chocolate, energy bars, fruits, cookies, and candy.

3. Empty water bottle

Empty water bottle – tripveteran

I always carry an empty water bottle in my carry-on bags to avoid paying overpriced water bottle at the airports. After the security check, you can always fill it up and carry along with you in aircraft. It’s a great idea to save money while traveling.

4. Flight check-in before 24 hours

Flight check-in before 24 hours – – tripveteran

Always try to check in for your flight before 24 hours, you can skip the long queue at the airport and it’s a good chance to choose a decent seat assignment if you weren’t able to choose at the time of booking your tickets.

5. Wear socks

Wear socks while going through the security check – tripveteran

While going through the security check, some airports, especially in the US, can make you take off your shoes and other accessories. To avoid standing barefoot on the dirty airdrome floor, also make sure you’re wearing the same pair of socks.

6. Dress in layers for your flight

What to were while traveling – tripveteran

Airplanes and airdrome will either be extraordinarily cold or hot and usually, there’s no happy middle, so dress in layers to keep yourself comfortable.

7. Portable charger

Portable charger – tripveteran

A charging station is not available on some airports or it will be overloaded and you have to wait for your turn. So be sure to carry your own portable charges.

8. Pack your laptop in an easy to reach

Pack your laptop in an easy to reach – tripveteran

Keep your laptop, iPad or any other electronics somewhere easily accessible, to avoid having to dig through your bag at the time of security check.

9. Take a photo of your parking zone

Airport parking zone – tripveteran

While parking your car at the airport parking zone make sure to take a picture, it will help to find the correct point where you parked your car.

10. Take a photo of your checked luggage

Always make sure to take a photo of your checked in luggage, it will be very helpful to find if your luggage is missed. Sometimes checked in luggage is damaged, at that point of time, it helps a lot to prove that your luggage was in good condition at the time of check-in.

11. Pack hand sanitizer

Sanitizer is a must while traveling, airports and airplanes are a mecca for germs, so pack a travel-sized hand sanitizer wherever you go.

12. Research sleep spots

If you have a long layover or flight delayed and you have to spend the night in an airport, I must say it’s a hard time. Some airports have the facility of airport hotels or you can find the best place to sleep in the airport. Check out this website for the best and worst sleeping spots in airports around the world. Sleeping in the airport is never fun; if you plan in advance you can make it comfortable.

13. Pack hotel toiletries in a carry-on

TSA approved toiletries – tripveteran

You should have TSA-approved (Transportation Security Administration) toiletries to pack. You can buy these from the market or every time you stay at a hotel, bring extra travel-sized toiletries.

14. Put a colorful ribbon on your luggage

colorful ribbon on your luggage – tripveteran

If you have checked in luggage, tie a colorful ribbon or put a sticker on the handle of your suitcase so you can find easily on the conveyor belt.

15. Always go left at the security

Always go left at the security – tripveteran

Studies and I have experienced that people naturally veer right, so next time when you reach security checkpoint head to the line furthest to the left and you might save few minutes waiting in line.

16. Designated airplane outfit

In flight – tripveteran

Choose a comfortable outfit and keep as simple as possible.  For a short flight or long, my favorite is layers.  So check your flying time and pick your choice.

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  1. I do most of these when I travel. I learned early on about emptying a water bottle. Paying $4 for water is not fun for sure! I definitely need to start taking photos of where I parked my car. I never thought to do that. Thanks for sharing these excellent tips because some I never even really thought of and I travel all the time

  2. Very useful all of these tips. I also wear always an empty bottle with me and something to eat. I found it very curious the number 15. Need to go left next time!.

  3. Really useful article. I usually do most of these before my flight. I learned to wear good looking shocks along with a boot in a hard way as I was asked to remove my shoe in a flight from Moscow to Rome and little did I know that one of my socks had a hole. HAHA, I always pay extra attention to my socks after that incident.

  4. Very useful tips! I also would like to add re-confirming your flight, hotel, and any other bookings you have a day or two before your flight. Airlines, hotels, and outfitters sometimes change booking details at the last minute due to unforseen circumstances. Re-confirming during the last minute allows you to adjust your itinerary and travel plans before you cross “the point of no return.”

  5. These are all great tips. Sometimes I forget to take pictures of my parking spot and it’s a nightmare to figure out where I am parked. We always bring our water bottle, so important to cut down.

  6. These are all really helpful tips. I often forget where I parked the car and so taking a photograph before leaving is surely helpful. Having the luggage tagged with colorful ribbons does make it easier to locate it on the conveyor belt. I often use the free wifi at the airport but I had never heard that changing the time on the phone gives one an additional hour until I read this post.

  7. Wow, you have an amazing list! I truly agree with all of the traveling tips you’ve written in here, especially bringing an empty water bottle as I always love getting thirsty most of the time. That said, I can also save money, which I can use for another thing. Also, grabbing a free wifi in the Airport is also cool, which I also do sometimes. Thank you for sharing this one with us.

  8. Sometimes I do layering of clothes if I will visit a country with cooler temperature. And I keep a copy of my passport, in case of emergencies.

  9. Thank you dude for sharing such amazing travel tips. The best one that I liked most is to take picture of my parking zone. I used to be puzzeled every time there but never thought like you did. It’s a simple trick but I never used. 😛

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