WoW Air Cheapest flight to USA

WoW Air will start operations in India. WoW Air will offer the cheapest flights from India to 15 North American cities.

An Entrepreneur Skuli Mogensen is bringing the airline to India.

Skuli Mogensen an entrepreneur from Iceland announced that WoW Air is all set to launch in India. Airline has announced never-heard-of price for North American cities: INR 13,299 one way.

We really love everything discounted.

Skuli Mogensen founded WoW AIr in 2012, is now with Iceland’s legacy carrier Iceland air. He says he will overtake his competitor in market share by next year.

Indians waiting for that big trip to the US. The word ‘cheap’ has always attracted customers and it wonders yet again.

WoW Air is all over social-media trends and drawing attention everyone is waiting for December 2018.

Let’s see is how exactly its cheapest flight to the USA?


  • Date of Travel: December 7
  • Ticket Price, WoW Basic: INR 22,320 is the cheapest flight to LA
  • Flying Time: 24 hours.

What Really includes in your air fare?

  • One way Flight ticket and only Hand baggage of 10 Kg is allowed.

The second cheapest flight to Los Angeles, was China Eastern. Let’s have a look what they offer.


  • Date of Travel: December 7
  • Ticket Price: INR 38,575
  • Duration: 26 hours

What really includes in your air fare?

  • Flight ticket
  • Economy Class Tickets, Cabin baggage of 7 kg and 2 Pieces check-in total weight 30 kg each and Meals.

Now let’s calculate how much you need to pay WoW Air for the amenities that a basic China Eastern tickets include.

  • For 10 Kg, One piece per guest you need to Pay INR 3400.
  • For 20 Kg, Check-In Baggage you need to pay INR 4800.
Let’s see total
  • Flight Cost : INR 22,320
  • Baggage Cost: INR 17,800  (4800 x 3 + 3400)
  • Meals Cost  : INR  1,600

So total is : INR 41,720/- (check-in baggage worth 60 kg)

Its really a wow deal, you should always travel with less baggage.

We are thankful to Mr. Skuli Mogensen, and all the very best to WOW AIR.

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